Happiness and Misadventures

Another Brick In The Wall

Another year has passed and all we got is complications. It reminds me that song by the band Bauhaus:

All we ever wanted was everything

All we ever got was cold

I don’t pretend to know everything, at all, but the last two years really showed where this society is destined to end up. The wrong thing is that we want everything, but… oh, it’s too useless to discuss it – not only because nobody is interested to read/hear my explanation, but because people don’t want to change.

These past twelve months passed very fast. We had some projects – they are in a limbo. We wanted to make trips – we mostly stayed at home. We wanted control (just a bit) – we don’t even feel as controlled, we feel drifting away.

"2021", a picture I took in Monpazier, Dordogne (France). No caption needed.

Anyway, something positive happened. I started reading (studying?) much more about folklore, myths and anthropology. I started reading The Golden Bough by J. G. Frazier and I fell in love with the subject. I won’t spend any more words about this here because I already did it on my new project: Godsip Club.

I started writing short non-fiction articles about my “discoveries”, mostly filled with curiosities, about common customs found in civilisations far in both time and space. Recently, I found the concept of wall in Van Gennep’s Rites of Passage and the title of this blog post reminded me about this: if the last century (maybe) helped us to remove barriers among societies, now we are building them anew.

Twenty-twenty-one is a huge new brick in our dear old wall of hate.

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