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Dream Pals

In the last post, I mentioned that now and then I dream about a very old crush of mine. It is absolutely true, and I have an hypothesis about the cause of my weird dreams. Often, I ask myself: Why do we dream about someone in particular?

⚠️ Important premise: I often struggle to remember my "daily" dreams, so I'll refer about the ones I remember more vividly – the ones that often keep me awake a few minutes after waking up. ⚠️

A Blast From the Past

My romantic side likes to think that, when we dream about a person, she or he is dreaming about us, too. Unluckily, my romanticism has always been tending to zero, so I lean to avoid such thoughts.1 More realistically and simply, I reckon that people we dream about have been relevant for us. Or, better, their words or their actions have been.

I happened to dream about someone who I spoke with in the last few days, as the constructors who are working at our future home.2 Much more often, anyway, it occurred to dream about people I had met in the past weeks, or even years. Sometimes, I dream about my teachers from elementary school, or neighbors from twenty years ago, and I truly miss them after opening my eyes. Of course, because mine is a scumbag brain, I also dream about my ex from more than ten years ago, but this is not the time to talk about it yet.

A meme of the scumbag brain. Upper caption says Do you want to make sweet dreams? and the lower one Of course you can trust me.
My brain approves this, and likes old style memes too.

Also, an aspect that I consider quite relevant is that I often don't recall3 dreaming about the person I love most, and who I spend the majority of my day with: my girlfriend. I find it quite strange, but this leads me to consider a potential aspect of the situation: maybe I mostly have dreams about people I have unfinished business with. It is one of the best explanation I can find about the most of the dreams I can remember.


Other times, in dreams, people who are close to me lecture me because of some bad aspects of my attitude, often from the recent past. I think that, in these cases, my own conscience wants to give me some kind of advice, as "You should stop being an idiot". I know that sometimes my reactions are exaggerated, but I often realize it too late, maybe after a fit of rage. I like(?) to think that it is some kind of self-healing, or something similar. Or probably, it could totally be my sense of guilt. My brain might want to give me also some good advices, who knows – it's a scumbag indeed, but not that much.

But then.

Sometimes, I happen to dream about my grandmother, who passed away about ten years ago, and she hugs me. Or maybe I dream about one of my brothers, who I seldom see or chat with. In these cases, I just wake up with my eyes wet. I don't know what to think about it. My rational thought starts wavering, and my romantic side, from zero, rises up violently.

Darn. I wish the messages from life were simpler to decipher.

ğŸŽ® Nobody got time for that.

ğŸŽ§ #3 by Aphex Twin (I'm a bit obsessed)

📖 The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton

  1. In my brain, there is also a similar situation for religion and prayers. I'll write about that, too.↩

  2. These weren't happy dreams though, at all! 🤣↩

  3. Please remember the premise. I know I should train remembering better!↩

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