Happiness and Misadventures


On Wednesday, I woke up as any other day — happy, I'd say. After a few minutes, when I picked up my smartphone, I noticed a notification on the Teams app (I disabled push notification for this in order to preserve my mental sanity). It was a message from a group chat, regarding a test installation of a product for a customer in Central Asia, definitely the farthest opportunity we had.

They were thanking us for our time, but the product did not meet their expectations. The fact is that we didn't even finish the tests properly. I took it too personally, I was really sure that the product was good for them. Long story short: I got a fever for two days, I'm quite sure it was psychosomatic. I got no other symptoms, and it was quite fast to drop.

Finally, this morning I woke up with something I was missing since a while: enthusiasm. In the last few weeks, I couldn't realize anything good1, and today I feel like reborn.

Maybe it is springtime (yes, it is quite early, but trees already have gems), or maybe a good night of sleep… but I can't wait for this afternoon. My girlfriend and I are going to start the toughest part of the year: the cleaning and caring of our land, around our new home — no, we don't live there yet.

A T-Rex pluche watching outside the window
We all are enthusiast for this Spring. 🦖

We have plenty of half-dry trees, which we are trying to save by cutting the dead branches. This year, we also have to fix lots of lumps of earth flipped by wild boars, a real plague in Northern Italy. I'm against hunting, but it is true: the only way to repel them is by killing one. Last year, we found traces of a fight in our property: blood and boar fur. Probably, a wolf (yes, we have them too, in winter) slayed a baby. It's harsh, but they didn't come back for the rest of the season.

Woah, I got off track, and that escalated quickly! This was a positive post, but it also reflects my thoughts on our new home: we are enthusiast to move there (in a few months?), but it is easy to think of all the work we still have to do.

🎮 Ghost of Tsushima

🎧 Stone Temple Pilots

📖 Still on Black House

  1. Probably it is an exaggeration, but that was the feeling for me.

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