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In the last few weeks, I tried a few times to sit down and find an idea. I want to write a story, possibly a fun one – I recently read a book from Terry Pratchett, and I'd love to explore this genre. I tried to write down some thoughts for a plot, but… I'm struggling.

First, I always end up thinking about something mysterious with possibly some inexplicable facts, as with my first stories. Maybe it's just easier for me, or it's harder to focus on something else… but I'd love trying something new. I still haven't started writing, though: I'm just writing brief thoughts.

Second, after almost four years writing fiction stories as self-taught, I'm starting to doubt about my method. I always take "dotted" notes, in an ordinate way, and literally link them to put the ideas in sequence. Then, I recap everything to see if I missed some important points, and finally start writing.

Working like this is fun, but it takes some time before the fun starts. It is because of this struggle that, in the last days, I'm asking myself: Should I try to change this method? Perhaps I'm too lazy to do that, or too proud(?), but something tells me to keep using the usual system.

I'm writing this down to put my thoughts in order, and possibly have a good idea. The common sense already suggested me to read something about it, or watch a tutorial on YouTube, but in this case it is correct to admit that… I'm too proud for that.

A photo of a notebook full of pencil notations.
My notebook – quite chaotic, but not too much. Those are some ideas for Menkvi.

Is it writer's block? Meh, it could be. But do I consider myself a writer? Not at all: mostly because I'm not good at editing my writings, and when I write –the fun part I was speaking about– I became way too much obsessed to finish.

So, one may ask: why the hell do you want to write so much? That's a good question: I think I had some good ideas. I don't think I'm able to share with you the same emotions those stories gave me in my head, so I want to try to write them as good as I can. Also, I think someone could enjoy them: even if he or she may be 1% of the potential readers, it is good to share them online.

🎮 Ghost of Tsushima – amazing!

🎧 Some recommendations by Chelsea Wolfe

📖 Still Black House), finally intriguing after ~100 pages!

P.S. The title is from a song by Nine Inch Nails. Too bad the album is not that great.

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