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Go Visit Dordogne 🇫🇷

Two weeks ago, I was ranting about vacations. Today is my last day away from work, and I totally enjoyed the latter days; as always, I just needed to step away from the routine. For one time, I'll just stop whining and will go straight to the point: you should visit Dordogne.

France has a lot of charming provinces, but this one has it all:

A photo of a river with stone houses, and a castle, on the background. The village is Ségur-le-Château.
There are *many* villages like this one, and they all are lovely.

It is the second time we visited Perigord/Dordogne (~20 days in total), and we still have a lot to see. Our days were quite simple: first, a quick stop to the local boulangerie to get a pain aux raisins or au chocolat, then a visit to a series of villages. After a quick lunch –usually with bread, tomatoes and chèvre1–, we spent the afternoon with a trail.2

We also managed to visit some underground caves, as the ones in Lacave and the majestic Gouffre de Padirac. I'm not a big fan of speleology, but I really enjoyed them, especially the latter one.

We also discovered a castle with a room full of ancient paintings about mythology, so I found a lot of material for Godsip Club.

As a bonus, my girlfriend organized a canoe trip on the Dordogne, the river that gives the name to the area. 50 kilometers in three days, sleeping in a tent, just the waterway and us. Despite a thunderstorm, which luckily hit us in the night, and some strong headwind, it has been a delightful adventure! As always, at the beginning I am always whiny about the unknown, but then I’m always grateful for her "crazy ideas". It must be hard to live with me. 🥲

So, in brief, if you live in Europe, consider Dordogne as a destination for your holiday. It totally deserves one visit — or more!

A photo of a red canoe with a village in the background, which is La Roque-Gageac.
The infamous canoe!

🎮 Nothing 🫥

🎧 A French radio, of course.

📖 Just started Dracula 🦇

  1. If you like fresh cheese, you have to try Rocamadour and Cabécou!

  2. For the first time we used AllTrails, and we liked it!