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Imperfections of iA Writer

This post is a test. I'm currently pondering if buying a 49€ application called iA Writer. Normally, the high price would immediately make up my mind: move on.1 After a few minutes, though, I could feel that this one could have something.

Surely, the focus mode is interesting: it highlights the current paragraphs, or sentence, and grays out the rest of the document. Also, the typewriter mode always keeps the active line at the center of the screen, moving the rest. In addition with the "Style check", verbs, nouns, conjunctions and adverbs are colorized with several colors, and clichés and repetitions are highlighted too. Theoretically, it is awesome. Practically, it is quite so.

A screenshot of iA Writer with the first to paragraphs of this blog post.
This is pretty cool.

I wrote my upcoming short story with this software, and I'm happy of the experience, because it is really distraction-less. The automatic suggestion for completion of the phrases is great, and so is the overall writing experience. What I did not like, though, are the imperfections of the style check. Maybe because English is not my primary language, I didn't feel quite comfortable. Eventually I'll try with Italian. In particular, I think that the "redundancies" are not found at all.

Overall, I think that Obsidian is still ahead of the competition (and, with some minor add-ons, it can provide a very similar experience as this software). However, to be honest, the pure writing experience is more fun with iA Writer. But is it worth the high price?2

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  1. If possible, I prefer to support FOSS with (small, I admit) donations.

  2. This is the price for a single platform, not for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, … Each is sold separately.

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