Happiness and Misadventures

Less Effort, Unexpected Results

In these days, a group of users from our Italian Mastodon instance is starting to put together a zine with several writings from the users themselves. I love the idea, I haven't been doing anything like that since the middle school journal.

I couldn't resist, and I quickly wrote a very short story about an idea I got a few weeks ago: a man wakes up with nails in his bones. Also, I just had come to know about the figure of the settimino1 (which I translated septimin in the story) in North-Western Italy. So, I had to put it in.

At first, I wrote it in Italian, then I got an unexpected positive feedback, and I translated it in English, too. I have to thank one of Livello Segreto's users, who helped me with some corrections.

I am curious about any opinion: is this story actually better than the much more complicated ones I usually write? This one literally took less than a day. The others… oof.

If you want to spend 5 minutes with a weird-folk-horror(?) story, you can find it in the links above… and if you do, please, let me know if you liked it!

🎮 Meh, just played Dave the Diver a few minutes

🎧 Still trying to understand if I like Dark Matter

📖 A wonderful collection of Damnable Tales

  1. It is based on men really existed, and some were quite famous.

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