Happiness and Misadventures

Let Things Flow

Just after a few days, reading back to my previous post sounds a little too tragic. If there is something that I have learned in 2023, it is to let things flowing – don't try to change what you can't. The renovation of our house is the greatest example: we moved to a cozy apartment a few months ago, while waiting for the end of the renovation works… and we love it. It's a little cold, but we are grateful for finding this little gem.

Here I found an unexpected friend, who I visit almost every day. People think that I get bored when speaking (often about the same topics) with an elder, but I'm very happy, mostly because I like to keep him company. His son lives near here, but I feel we need sitting there, with a glass of wine, chit-chatting.

I also had an unexpected boost of followers on my Godsip Club's Mastodon page thanks to the amazing work of FediFollows, so I got a renewed enthusiasm to keep on posting there. I still love studying and writing about folklore, etc., but as I already said... lack of feedback is unnerving. So, a big thank you to everyone who reads me.

On the subject, I just published a new article about a myth from the Italian Alps: we went on vacation on the Dolomites, and I found fresh new material on the alpine lore!

In brief, surely I'm not so optimistic about our long-term future, or our planet's… but are plenty of things I like to do, trying to do some good, in my little. At least, I can say that these things make me feel good. Maybe sometimes I can't see a sense to keep on doing them, but it doesn't mean there is not at all.

🎮 ...nothing new.

🎧 Mars Red Sky, a super power trio!

📖 I'm reading Old Peter's Russian Tales, a beautiful gift!

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