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David Lynch's Reality Punch

Browsing the web, a few minutes ago I came across this image, referring to 2024:

David Lynch with a megaphone, sitting. The caption says OK, Let's Try It Again, But This Time Good.

It made me smile, but also got me down.

I know I am not the only one hoping for a better world. There are many people spreading wise words, but no change is seen… since I was born. When I was eight or nine years old, I remember lessons at school about global warming and pollution. There has been time to solve these issues, or at least trying. Probably, though, there is not enough economic interest to change the things.

These are the last years, for me, to be able to be a father, but I am sincerely scared of a potential baby. Despite the fact that I am a little selfish, that I need time for myself, I'd probably like to grow a little mini-me… but I am ashamed of the world that I am leaving for him – that I cannot change.

Or better: I would love to change the way the things are going, but it is impossible. I am cynical, but it is true: we can't change the world. Even if we would try to do something important, all across the world, in my opinion, nowadays, we are:

I am almost ashamed to publish this post, but it is my thought – and I hope I'm wrong with all my heart. We are living in a strange moment, in which only an external fact could change the way we are destroying this world. Yes, just like in the comic Watchmen.

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