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Memory Lane

Yesterday, I was on vacation. I grabbed a book, and took the opportunity to visit a green park near here. In the last few years, it had mostly remained closed to the public: access was prohibited due to some integrity issues of some old walls.

When I got there, lots of memories came back to my mind. When I met my first girlfriend, it was there that we came to spend some time alone. I still remember quite vividly some emotions of those days – probably only the good ones. Also, I recall my shyness, clumsiness, and fear. And our first kisses, which I think are some kind of rites of passage for a human being.

Then, when I saw the exact spot where "our bench" used to be, my heart sunk a bit: it wasn't there anymore. The whole area had been fenced because of the aforementioned integrity issues.

A photo of a fence closing part of a park. A tree and a brick wall of in the background.
It was over there, under that tree.

I couldn't avoid comparing this situation with our life, feelings, and similar.

In my memories, even if hidden, that bunch of square meters were some kind of holy, untouchable place. They were linked with a person with whom I had shared some special moments, despite the fact we eventually departed.1 Seeing the area falling apart… made me feel a bit sick.

Time passes, things change, the end of anything is unavoidable,… But all these things are obvious, I don't want to write about them even if blogs are made –also– for this.

What I actually ask myself in such situations is: Will the other person ever have similar thoughts? Or better, Will she think about me when seeing the same exact spot? …Or am I the only expert over-thinker here?

I don't like living in the past, but I'm glad to have some occasional trips into memory lane.

🎮 Nothing new

🎧 Dang, I just realized I was listening to Van Morrison when I sat down to write this… Now it all makes sense.

📖 The book I had brought there

  1. I still have to write about those feelings. I think they deserve a special category in one's experiences.

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