Happiness and Misadventures

Working From Anywhere

Twice a week, if the work routine allows it, I follow my girlfriend to the town market. I carry my laptop with me, and it often happens I need to connect to a customer site via VPN. Since it's not a big city, but it's quite crowded at that time, I prefer to search for quiet places — also because I have to use the phone or MS Teams. Then, I connect to my hotspot, and use a VM and a VPN1 to connect to the customer who called.

For me, this is a blessing. The freedom to do the heck I want, and to be able to connect from anywhere. Sometimes I have to make up for the time I missed, but I'm more than glad to work maybe an hour in the late evening. It is the fair price to pay.

In the near future, it would be nice that more and more people would be able to find job positions as this. I've been lucky –my company has this remote work model from more than ten years–, but this should be the ordinary in IT.

We must not be slaves of the computers; we should create business models to optimize their potential and our productivity.

🎮 The Callisto Protocol – meh, it could be much more refined.

🎧 Karma To Burn

📖 I finished The Three-Body Problem, and I loved it!

  1. I'm a bit obsessed with security, I prefer to not use the VPN directly from the laptop's OS.